Developing a medical office project is a lengthy process few have mastered. At Medical Asset Management, we have assembled a unique team of professionals who have years of experience in this specialized property type. Our combined experience provides our clients with a wealth of knowledge to insure the completed project is cost effective and well positioned in the market for maximum profitability.

Whether you are developing a medical office building from the ground up or just renovating, our expertise in supervising the unique construction requirements of a medical office project can be critical to your success. Our hand-selected architects and general contractors will eliminate costly overruns and delays, while delivering a superior project upon completion.

As a development manager or construction administrator, we utilize our collective resources to bring the project in “On Time and On Budget”. Essentially by taking a “risk management” approach to construction, we prevent lost time and money. Knowing what the market demands of a new or renovated medical facility is second nature to Medical Asset Management.


Since 1988, Medical Asset Management and its principals have managed our development and construction projects in California. During these turbulent times, Medical Asset management has met all our expectations.”

William H. Allen, Jr., CA Professional Center

William H. Allen, Jr., CA Professional Center