Investment Sales

When you begin the process of acquiring or selling a special purpose asset like a medical office building, doesn't it make sense to use a specialist in that property type?

The principals of Medical Asset Management have focused on the acquisition and disposition of medical office buildings for over 20 years. We protect our clients, whether buyers or sellers, from the risks associated with this investment property type.

We have a wealth of experience and the specific knowledge to underwrite the asset, including; Market income, tenant profiles & their synergies, parking & other revenue sources, recommended hospital & strategic partners, and hands on understanding of operating expenses & debt structure analysis.

All these medical property specific issues improve the investment forecasts in our Offering Memorandums for our sellers and validate the budget forecasts for our buyers.

By focusing our company efforts in the healthcare industry, we are uniquely able to accurately forecast the risks and returns for our client’s investments in medical office buildings, relative to the micro markets they serve.


Medical Asset Management has successfully brokered numerous acquisition and dispositions including 1031 exchanges, Hospital campus properties institutional and private equity transactions for our various investment vehicles.”

Steven Loo, Renton, LLC

Steven Loo, Renton, LLC